#6  fore plane.  As with the 5 1/2, functions as a panel plane and also a short jointer. The closed handle gives you additional control by using a 3 finger grip and extending your index finger forward on the side of the handle.  Like all of our planes, it comes with its own sharpening jig, so you are always at the right setting for each individual plane in your fleet.

When set up with the cambered blade, you can eliminate all plane tracks during the final smoothing of boards and panels. To eliminate any chance of tearing  the wood, just adjust the chipbreak gap to a narrow setting. This is easily done without even having to remove the blade or change the setting.

See our ‘plane adjustments’ page for all the details and video.

#6   17″ long with a 2 1/4″ blade.

#6 fore plane low anglestandard anglescraper frog
#6 walnut / maple$280$280$280
#6 cherry / maple$280$280$280
#6 mesquite$300$300$300
#6C cambered walnut / maple $305$305
#6C cambered cherry / maple$305$305
#6C cambered mesquite$325$325
2 1/4″ A-2 blade$12
Leather blade pouch$10
Scraper frog$80
2 1/4″ O-1 scraper blade$12

#6 Fore Plane


# 6C Fore Plane



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