The standard angle block plane cuts at 47°. This works also on end grain, but because of the chipbreaker, makes a fantastic small smoother. I use it for a myriad of tasks around the shop, such as planing wood edgebanding on plywood, planing raised panel doors ends, cleaning up joints, planing plywood edges, sizing the ‘infills’ for my planes, etc., etc., etc. It uses the same blade/frog system as all the other Blum planes, which gives many advantages in the block plane size.

The body is of Jatoba and the sides and rear are East Indian Rosewood. Jatoba is an extremely hard wearing wood. Adjustment knobs are solid brass. Depth and lateral adjustments are accomplished with the two brass thumbscrews on top. There is almost no backlash in these adjusters.

The 47°plane has the option of a carbide blade. If you need to plane a lot of manmade boards like ply, MDF, laminate, etc., this is a good option. It will also plane solid woods, but the blade won’t get quite as sharp as a steel one. With the Fixed Angle Jig, it is easy to sharpen the carbide blade with an extra fine diamond stone and diamond paste applied to MDF blocks. The carbide option also includes an A-2 steel blade, so you have 2 choices to use.

Standard angle block planestraight frog
A-2 steel blade
cambered frog
A-2 steel blade
straight frog
carbide blade
Jatoba and Rosewood body
includes plane blade sharpening jig
1 1/2″ A-2 blade$10
1 1/2″ carbide blade$12
Leather case$35
Fixed Angle Jig made of UHMW and brass. 34° and 35° sides.
Essential for sharpening the carbide blades.



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