The ‘colt’ is the smallest and newest member of the bench horse family. It has the same size torsion box as all the other benches. A great little bench for homeowners and handymen (women). You can clamp vertically, horizontally, or on the benchtop.

Baltic birch top, soft maple legs and hard maple leg supports.

18 lbs   6 3/4″ Wide, 36 1/4″ Long, and 30″ High.


Workbench Accessories

Bench dogs $4.50
Hardwood dowel with angled face and rubber o-ring

Hard Maple Vise Chop $25.00
2″ x 4″ x 18″

End Vise w/ clamp $65.00

Hand Forged Holdfast $39.00

Designed to work in a 3/4″ hole,these work especially well in our torsion box benches but also solid top benches. Made by a local blacksmith friend of mine. They have great ‘spring’ to them. The shaft is hand hammered for extra hold. 5/8″ Dia.x 10″ reach

The Bench Horse ‘Colt’


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