Blum planes combine the ease of adjustment of metal planes with the light weight and tactile feel of wooden planes. They solve the problem that both wooden and metal planes share–the need to grind and hone an oftentimes thick iron and while doing so grind it straight ( or slightly cambered ), square, at the proper angle, and all the while making sure not to burn the iron. Here are the results of some of those innovations:

  • The blade is small and thin, so never needs grinding and is inexpensive to have multiples on hand
  • No ‘tension’ in the plane from tightening the wedge or the lever cap screw or cam.
  • Each plane comes with its’ own Sharpening Jig
  • The bottom of the frog can be order cambered
  • No separate chipbreaker. It is integrated on the leading edge of the frog. Go here to read about the many advantages of this system.
  • The frog is available in a low angle 42° and standard angle 47° setup.
  • The mouth opening never widens as the sole is trued because the mouth is cut parallel at the front and back of the opening.
  • No backlash in the depth adjusters because they are in a straight line to the frog.
  • Because of the reverse angle of the bed, a scraper frog can be substituted.
  • The chipbreak distance can be changed without moving the depth setting or removing the blade or back-up iron. Go herefor an explanation.

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