The Top: The key to this bench is the top construction. It is made entirely of 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood. It is a torsion-box assembly, which is a grid work of pieces with a top and bottom skin glued on and then an outer apron which extends below this torsion box to contain the leg-set. On each side of these grid work boxes a hole is bored so that every 6 inches a pipe clamp can be inserted around the entire perimeter through to the other side.. This then creates a vise location every 6 inches around the entire bench. The bench top and bottom also have these holes so work can be clamped to the bench top as well. It also has 2 rows of dog holes on each side that when used with the included “vise block” on the pipe clamp head, clamps boards for planing or sanding between dogs like a classic cabinetmakers bench.

On this bench, the top is flat and extremely stiff. It will not sag, because of the torsion box construction. With the great depth, accessories such as holdfasts work which don’t work on thin top benches. By using ordinary pipe clamps for the vises and clamping across the width or length of the bench, great clamping pressure is exerted with no worry of deflection.

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