# 4  Smooth Plane with  NEW  Adjustable Camber Frog

Go from straight to slightly cambered to fully cambered by simply turning 2 screws from the bottom of the plane! The frog has been re-configured to accomplish this, while also making it now even easier to adjust the chipbreak gap. Do your final smoothing by adjusting the blade to a perfect camber to not leave any plane tracks and adjust your chipbreak gap to eliminate any tearout!

See our ‘plane adjustments’ page for all the details and video.

#4 Smooth Plane   9 3/4″  x  2″ blade

       2(two) 2″ A-2 steel blades

       45° cut angle

Includes our NEW anodized aluminum sharpening jig

# 4 smooth plane 45° Angle-Adjustable Camber Frogscraper frog
#4 walnut / maple $310.00310.00
#4 cherry / maple$310.00310.00
#4 mesquite$325.00325.00
2″ A-2 blade$15.00
Leather blade pouch$10
2″ Scraper frog$120.00
2″ O-1 scraper blade$15.00



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