Blum Tool Company is proud to introduce the Bench Horse™

After 20 years of working on rickety saw horses or tops of table saws or usually just off the floor on the jobsite, I was motivated to develop a bench that solves all those jobsite workholding problems. Introducing “The Bench Horse” portable workbench system.

This is a bench that is easily portable (sets up in less than 15 seconds) yet is rock solid in its leg structure as well as its top. In fact, it has greater clamping versatility, top stiffness, vise strength and clamping capacity than most stationary benches.

How is this possible?

The Top: The key to this bench is the top construction. It is made entirely of 1/2″ Baltic Birch plywood. It is a torsion-box assembly, which is a grid work of pieces with a top and bottom skin glued on and then an outer apron which extends below this torsion box to contain the leg-set. On each side of these grid work boxes a hole is bored so that every 6 inches a pipe clamp can be inserted around the entire perimeter through to the other side.. This then creates a vise location every 6 inches around the entire bench. The bench top and bottom also have these holes so work can be clamped to the bench top as well. It also has 2 rows of dog holes on each side that when used with the included “vise block” on the pipe clamp head, clamps boards for planing or sanding between dogs like a classic cabinetmakers bench.

On this bench, the top is flat and extremely stiff. It will not sag, because of the torsion box construction. With the great depth, accessories such as holdfasts work which don’t work on thin top benches. By using ordinary pipe clamps for the vises and clamping across the width or length of the bench, great clamping pressure is exerted with no worry of deflection.

The Base: The base is tubular steel with adjustable levelers. It features rotatable fittings and a very easy and quick set-up or breakdown….less than 15 seconds! When the legs are folded up, there are no protruding pieces to get caught on other things. Carry it like a suitcase and slide in the back of your pickup. Or store in a corner of the garage. Unlike your stationary bench, this will never become a catch all. It can be carried to wherever you are working and used as an actual “WORK BENCH

The Bench: By having regularly spaced holes, the bench becomes modular such that 2 or more benches can be attached end to end or side to end or any configuration and all the holes line up. Need to plane 12′ lumber….use 3 benches end to end… problem! There is a small tool box drawer which fits in a recess under the top. This is handy for storing bench dogs, vise block, holdowns or small tools.

Bench Horse™ Specifications 

18″ X 48″ worktop  •  34 1/2″ Height  •  55 lbs.
Includes: 2 Bench Dogs


Workbench Accessories

Bench dogs $4.50
Hardwood dowel with angled face and rubber o-ring

Hard Maple Vise Chop $25.00
2″ x 4″ x 18″

End Vise w/ clamp $65.00

Rubber feet w/ steel washer $8.00/ for 4

Toolbox $25.00
Removable open top box for storing bench dogs, vise block or small tools. Can fit 1 or 2 per bench. Includes 2 turn buttons for securing.

Hand Forged Holdfast $39.00
Designed to work in a 3/4″ hole,these work especially well in our torsion box benches but also solid top benches. Made by a local blacksmith friend of mine. They have great ‘spring’ to them. The shaft is hand hammered for extra hold. 5/8″ Dia.x 10″ reach

Bench Horse ‘Original’


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