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Our block plane features a body made from Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and American Black Walnut. Jatoba is an extremely hard-wearing wood. It differs from standard metal body low-angle block planes in several important ways. First, it is a bevel-down plane vs bevel-up for most others. This eliminates the wear bevel which occurs on the flat side of bevel-up planes. This must be removed at sharpening by removing enough metal to get back to a truly flat back. Ours is the only double iron block plane. All others are single iron.

This block plane is great for planing end grain and, because it is the only block plane available with a chipbreaker, it also will plane long grain very well without tearing the grain. Many times, planing end grain also involves planing long grain in the same stroke, such as trimming an end grain plug, through tenons, dovetails, butt joints, etc., etc. No need to worry about ruining a piece because of a nasty tearout from your low-angle, bevel-up block plane.

Comes with our new Adjustable Camber Frog!

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Block plane adjusting camber, depth and changing a blade
Using the ‘plane blade sharpening jig’


I call this a small smoother because it makes a great small smoother! The blade is 1 1/2″ wide, it can be straight or adjusted to cambered, is comfortable to hold, and best of all is a double iron plane so the chipbreaker can be adjusted to eliminate tearout.

This little block plane is a real jewel. It combines beauty and functionality in a very compact size. The plane measures 2 1/16″ wide x 6 1/2″ long.

Advantages and Unique Features

  1. The most obvious in planing comfort. With the ‘Blum’ system, the frog angles forward and the small blade is held on the bottom, so there is no blade or lever cap, or adjustment knob sticking out right where you need to push with your hand. The rear of the plane is scalloped on each side to fit your hand perfectly.
  2. It comes with its’ own sharpening jig. This is now our new Anodized Aluminum model. No need to buy a separate jig or even a grinder. This little jig makes sharpening so easy it’s almost fun.
  3. It now comes standard with our new Adjustable Camber Frog. You can go from straight to cambered by simply turning 2 screws from the bottom of the plane.
  4. The chipbreaker/blade assembly can now be removed from the frog for easy blade sharpening and chip break distance setting. Magnets hold the two together so your settings remain intact. Setting the chipbreaker gap narrow (say .003-.008) allows this little block plane to plane the most difficult woods without tearing. Changing the chipbreaker setting is very easy with the ‘Blum’ system, and does not depend on either part being square or sprung correctly or ground just perfectly. The back-up iron provides the pressure for a perfect fit. Changing the chipbreaker setting takes less than 1 minute. Never bother keeping 2-3 blades ground at different angles, just use your chipbreaker. That is why they were invented over 200 years ago!
  5. A double-edged reversible carbide blade is available. For carpenters or those who don’t like sharpening much. Makes this a true disposable blade plane. Carbide won’t get quite as sharp as steel, but it works just fine for most planing operations. Sharpening can easily be done with our Fixed Angle Jig and diamond stones and diamond paste on MDF blocks. These products are all available in our sharpening section. Instructions are included with the Fixed Angle Jig.

Comes with our new Adjustable Camber Frog!

Additional information

Dimensions2.0625 × 6.5 in


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