At 26″ long,  this falls within the range of traditional jointer plane sizes of 26-30″. It has outstanding balance and is just a joy to use.  This plane has some real heft to it, without being at all unwieldy. It is so easy to control on the edge of a board. Especially since you can equip it with a cambered frog, so by moving the plane off center, you can easily square an edge .

Has all the advantages of the rest of the planes, in that it come with it’s own dedicated sharpening jig, can come with a cambered frog so you never have to mess with cambering the blade each time you sharpen, has almost zero backlash, and has the easiest to set chipbreak gap of any plane on the market. An awesome plane.

See our ‘plane adjustments’ page for all the details and video

# 8 Jointer Plane     26″ long   2 1/4″ iron

# 8 Jointer Planelow anglestandard anglescraper frog
# 8 walnut/maple$350$350$350
# 8 cherry/maple$350$350$350
# 8 Mesquite$375$375$375
# 8C cambered walnut/maple$375$375
# 8C cambered cherry/maple$375$375
# 8C cambered Mesquite$400$400
2 1/4″ A-2 blade$12
Leather blade pouch$10
Scraper frog$80
2 1/4″ O-1 scraper blade$12
# 8 Jointer Plane


# 8C Jointer Plane