This is our new ‘Makers’ bench. It is available in 3 sizes: 18″ x 48″, 21″ x 54″ and 22″ x 66″. Made of Baltic Birch plywood for the torsion box top and solid hard maple for the base. The top differs from our Bench Horse line in that the torsion box core is deeper and the top surface is 3/4″ instead of 1/2″.

They have our new adjustable face vise, and the end vises runs in holes integrated in the torsion box. The face vise pipes adjust in and out rapidly by simply turning the pipe clockwise from their upright position to 45° and moving to the desired position. Watching the accompanying video will make this clear.

These benches may be small, but they are rock solid and have no deflection or wobble whatsoever. Their tops will always stay flat, and they have extra holes in the top for holdfasts, besides all the dog holes that also fit holdfasts.

They ships via UPS in a heavy cardboard box. Comes complete with face vise, end vise, and 2 wooden bench dogs. Accessories would include an extra end vise for the back set of dog holes, handforged holdfasts, or our adjustable bench holddown.

18 x48 Makers Bench:97 #               $599.00

21″ x 54″ Makers Bench115 #            $699.00

22″ x 66″ Makers Bench 145#          $799.00

Makers Benches Sizes

Bench Accessories

Please note: shipping will be quoted at time of ordering or call or e-mail for a quote. This will then be invoiced separately thru Paypal.