Our woodworking benches are unique in many ways. Like the Bench Horse™, these full size benches have tops built with a torsion box construction. They are built using 3/4″ baltic birch throughout, with the outside apron doubled up to make it 1 1/2″.

A face vise and end vise are built into the tops. We use schedule 40 pipe with a pipe clamp head threaded on. Each of these pipes is 22″ long and bored throughout its length with locating holes. These pipes run in bronze bushings which are integrated into the web frame of the torsion box. Between these bushings, steel tubing is fitted and carries a spring loaded pin. This pin is accessible to the worker by a chain from under the bench. Each pipe can therefore be moved in and out by pulling the chain and moving the pipe in or out until the desired opening is reached and the pin clicks back into the appropriate hole. A removeable, maple vise face spans between the 2 pipes, which are spaced 18″ apart or can be custom spaced at time of ordering.

Advantages & Novel Features:

  • Top is a torsion box construction so will always be flat & straight – no warping
  • Vises have huge capacities
  • Can be configured for right or left handers
  • Custom height & custom vise locations possible
  • Can clamp tapered work in either vise
  • Pipe clamps can be used in any location around the bench
  • Quick-release in and out on both vises
  • Easily replaceable vise faces
  • No racking
  • 17″ of open, vertical clamping space between pipes
  • Since clamping force is directly in line, much less clamping force is needed than with a vise mount under the top of a bench. No racking.
  • Extensions and tool trays easily mounted to the wide apron

Complete Benches
24″ X 72″   Weight: 240 lbs.   $1295.00

24″ X 84″   Weight: 275 lbs.   $1,395.00

24″ X 90″   Weight: 315 lbs.   $1,495.00

Bench Tops Only (with Vises)
24″ X 72″   $995.00

24″ X 84″   $1095.00

24″ X 90″   $1,195.00

Workbench Accessories

Bench Dogs:  3/4″ Hardwood dowel with angled face and rubber o-ring

$4.50 each

Hand Forged Holdfast:  Designed to work in a 3/4″ hole,these work especially well in our torsion box benches but also solid top benches. Made by a local blacksmith friend of mine. They have great ‘spring’ to them. The shaft is hand hammered for extra hold.   5/8″ Dia.x 10″ reach

$39.95 each

Cabinetmakers Benches

Cabinetmakers Benches

Bench Tops Only

Bench Tops Only


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