#7 jointer plane.  As the name implies, it is ideally suited for jointing the edges of boards in preparation for glue-up. However, it also excels at face planing boards in the sizing/ straightening process. Has a real authority behind it, without being so heavy that it is hard to handle.

The cambered frog has only a .0025 crown to it, so I like to use that for edge jointing, as it allows you to move the tool in relation to the edge, which greatly helps in squaring the board.

See our ‘plane adjustments’ page for all the details and video.

#7  22″ long with a 2 1/4″ blade

#7 jointer plane low anglestandard anglescraper frog
#7 walnut / maple$300$300$300
#7 cherry / maple$300$300$300
#7 msequite$320$320$320
#7C cambered walnut / maple $325$325
#7C cambered cherry / maple$325$325
#7C cambered mesquite$345$345
2 1/4″ A-2 blade$12
Leather blade pouch$10
Scraper frog$80
2 1/4″ O-1 scraper frog$12
#7 Jointer Planes


#7C Jointer Planes



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