The Bench Horse ‘pony’ is smaller and lighter than the ‘original’, yet still has all the functionality. The torsion box is the same size, only the outer apron is not as deep. All the accessories except the toobox work on the ‘pony’. This is a very sturdy little bench.

The legs are heavy, square steel. They are held in a welded receiver socket that is integrated into each corner of the bench. They are held in place by clamping them in this socket with a three cornered knob. The legs are milled where the knob bolt contacts them, so as to give some vertical adjustability to each leg to steady it on uneven ground.

The legs are stored underneath for transport or storage. Set up can be done in about 20 seconds. A great bench for carvers to sit at.


  • Woodworkers
  • Carvers
  • Hobbyists
  • Crafters – Home Shows
  • Homeowners
  • Cabinetmakers – Jobsite
  • Finish Carpenters – Jobsite

Bench Horse ‘Pony’ specifications
38 lbs.
31 1/2″ Ht
13 1/2″W x 36″L x 5″D


Workbench Accessories

Bench dogs $4.50
Hardwood dowel with angled face and rubber o-ring

Hard Maple Vise Chop $25.00
2″ x 4″ x 18″

End Vise w/ clamp $65.00

Rubber feet w/ steel washer $8.00/ for 4

Hand Forged Holdfast $39.00
Designed to work in a 3/4″ hole,these work especially well in our torsion box benches but also solid top benches. Made by a local blacksmith friend of mine. They have great ‘spring’ to them. The shaft is hand hammered for extra hold. 5/8″ Dia.x 10″ reach

Bench Horse ‘Pony’


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