Our block plane features a body made from Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry) and American Black Walnut. Jatoba is an extremely hard wearing wood. It differs from standard metal body low angle block planes in several important ways. First, it is a bevel down plane vs bevel up for most others. This eliminates the wear bevel which occurs on the flat side of bevel up planes. This must be removed at sharpening by removing enough metal to get back to a truly flat back. Ours is the only double iron block plane. All others are single iron.

This  block plane is great for planing end grain and, because it is the only block plane available with a chipbreaker, it also will plane long grain very well without tearing the grain. Many times, planing end grain also involves planing long grain in the same stroke, such as trimming an end grain plug, through tenons, dovetails, butt joints, etc., etc. No need to worry about ruining a piece because of nasty tearout from your low-angle, bevel up block plane.

Comes with our new Adjustable Camber Frog!

See the ‘Blum plane features’ pages for all the details of the various adjustments and features.

Jatoba and Walnut body

2 (two) A-2 steel blades
Aluminum sharpening jig

1 1/2″ A-2 blade$10
Leather case$35

1 1/2″ A-2 blade & Leather Case

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