Cambered Frog Adjustments to 'Blum' Planes

See how to adjust the cambered frog in your 'Blum' Plane
NEW- Adjustable Camber Frog Our new adjustable camber frog replaces both the straight frog and our cambered frog. The blade can go from straight to cambered by turning 2 screws from the plane bottom and corresponding screws inside the mouth opening. Using the hex driver that comes with the plane, first back off the two screws accessible from inside the mouth of the frog. Then, tighten the two outside screws on the frog bottom to the degree of camber you want. Lastly tighten the screws inside the mouth against the others so the assembly is secure. THE VIDEO IS THE BEST WAY TO SEE THIS!

Why should I Use a Camber?

I think a camber is useful on most planes, especially one that can be adjusted. On a smooth plane, you can adjust the camber precisely to take a fine shaving and still not leave any plane tracks from the corners of the blade. On jacks and fore planes, the camber can be increased to make planing much easier and also be able to take a heavier shaving. By adjusting to more camber, you can make your jack or fore more like they were originally intended, which was to hog off material rapidly.

Even the jointer set up with slight camber is easier to use because you can move the plane to one side or another to help in squaring the board. If you want it straight, just adjust the camber back to straight. It is so simple.