How To Use The Plane Blade Sharpening Jig

This simple to use jig makes sharpening your ‘Blum’ plane iron such an easy task!

The body of our new sharpening jigs with a rear adjustable shoe is made of anodized aluminum, that has an integral scale etched in 1° increments to adjust the angle. It has a slot for the blade which is held by 2 rare earth magnets and its projection is controlled by 2 jacking screws behind the rare earth magnets.

How to Use:

1. Insert blade.
2. Use jacking screws to set the projection of the blade evenly from the bottom of the jig. This is an arbitrary distance and might be as little as 1/16″. (This is only necessary to do once, or when the blade is shortened due to much sharpening)
3. Set on flat surface and adjust the rear shoe so the jig is parallel to the surface. This is your 30° setting.
4. Re-establish the 30° angle out to the edge. I do this with sandpaper (120-150 grit) laid out on a flat surface. This is much faster than using stones.
5. To do a secondary bevel, adjust the rear shoe down 2 lines (for 2 degrees) to make the secondary honing angle 32°. Pop the blade in and out easily to hone the burr off the backside whenever you want. You can very easily adjust the shoe down 1/4–1/2° for your final honing on your finest stones.

Plane Blade Sharpening Jig Available Here: