Scraper Frog Adjustments to 'Blum' Planes

See how to adjust the scraper frog in your 'Blum' Plane

Our scraper frog will turn any of our bench planes into a scraper plane. The scraper frog can be purchased separately and changed out with a bench plane frog or can be purchased already installed in the plane in lieu of the regular frog.

Changing out a bench plane frog for a scraper frog takes about 2 minutes, so by purchasing one separately you have maximum versatility for your plane. Our scraper planes have all the adjustability of our bench planes, so it is the easiest scraper plane to set up.

The blade is removed and inserted through the bottom of the plane. The two outer setscrews tighten the blade in place. The center setscrew moves a bowing pin that bows the blade in the middle.